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Actividades extraescolares 2018/19 » EOI visit to Aciturri
Actividades extraescolares 2018/19
EOI visit to Aciturri

EOI visit to Aciturri



Visit to Aciturri


Today, 26th March, 18 EOI students have visited Aciturri Aeronautics which is a company located in Ircio, near Miranda.

Ginés Clemente the CEO of this company has met with us.

After that, the Commercial Manager has shown us a PowerPoint about Aciturri activities. This company is one of the most important in the aeronautics sector in Spain.

I have asked some technical questions to the manager, his answers have been very interesting. I have promised him that I am going to investigate about Russian Aerospace industry.

Finally, we have seen the technical part of the industry where people are working with machines in order to produce the aeronautical parts for planes.

I think that the visit was really interesting, I am proud to have been there.


Today, about 18 students of different levels of English from the EOI have visited Aciturri in Ircio. 

Firstly, our tour guide, Rubén González, who is the commercial director, carried out a presentation, in English, with some figures and pictures in one of the meeting rooms.

Furthermore, he has shown us different parts of the factory such as offices where we could see some employees and in another part, we observed different machines in the workshop.

Rubén told us that there are some other factories outside Miranda such as in Valladolid, Madrid, Seville and Portugal.

Besides, he has explained that different models of planes have some parts made in Miranda de Ebro such as A320, A350, or A380. It means that a company such as Airbus or Boeing are their customers.

In my opinion, this visit has been really instructive because in this way I have learnt different words related to aircraft. 

Finally, as a curiosity, I´ll mention that all the parts of the enterprise have the names in Spanish and in English.

We need to speak English fluently to get a good job nowadays.




Today's visit to ACITURRI with the EOI has been very interesting for different reasons. 

We have had the opportunity to use English in a real situation. Being a company dedicated to aviation, we have known the process of the manufacture of different pieces, the types of departments of a company with these characteristics, the schedules and the involvement of the workers, meetings in English in international teams... 

But, in my opinion, as important as this has been the lesson that its founder has given us. He has managed to create a company that supplies parts to the most important aeronautical manufacturers in the World. And all from Miranda. Amazing! He has shown us that everything is possible if we believe in it. And this is good for life and, why not, also for learning English.


On Tuesday, 26th March, at midday, a group of students from the EOI of Miranda de Ebro went to Ircio to visit a company called "Aciturri Aeroengines".
We went there by bus and they received us very politely.
The guide Rubén González welcomed us. After that, he explained to us all the parts of planes they make. It's very interesting, they are specialized in parts of different aircraft and they have many customers, for example, Boing, Airbus...
In this work, worker security is very important as well as a job well done.
There are more factories in other places, Valladolid, Seville, Álava, Burgos, Madrid, Portugal.
It's very interesting and very good for Miranda de Ebro. I hope they give a lot of work. It gives people hope for the future.
Casually the boss of the company, Ginés, went down to the entrance and he dedicated a little time to us. He was friendly and fun.



I really enjoyed the visit to ACITURRI. I expected it to be a LEARNING EXPERIENCE and it exceeded my high expectations.

Rubén González has a special charisma to communicate his knowledge and make people attracted to what he explains.


The conference lasted approximately one hour. 


Firstly, Rubén had prepared a graphical presentation that gave us the opportunity to have a closer look at Aciturri and the different products or sections.


Secondly, we visited the production centre with its different sectors.


Finally, we had the group photo taken for posterity.


I'm very grateful because I learned some new interesting facts about the company where I work.






It was fascinating to visit a successful company in our town conducted in English.


It's very important to meet role models and visit thriving enterprises in Miranda at the same time as we increase our level of English.


This is an utter cultural experience.


Thanks to the Official School of Languages in Miranda de Ebro for this instructive and enjoyable opportunity.




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